Digital tools: apps, programs, etc.

This is a list of things I use and recommend. Listed features are the ones I love, but aren’t all of them.

Encrypted instant messaging with voice and video call

Matrix* can connect to other apps like WhatsApp, Discord, Facebook, and Hangouts, XMPP and more. This means you can use Matrix while still keeping in touch with people using those other apps!

*I don’t use Matrix, but it’s known to be easier for non-techy people and supports more devices than XMPP.

(For advanced users: if you want to self host, Matrix is known to consume heavy amounts of resources whereas XMPP is known to be light.)

Encrypted instant messaging (XMPP)

XMPP currently has poor Apple (iOS) support. Check out Matrix as an alternative if you use Apple.

Password manager

*I actually use KeePassDroid for android, but it’s so ugly most people don’t like it. I prefer it because it uses notifications to copy usernames and passwords, which is more convenient for me.

Includes RSS subscription to your favorite channels/users:

Operating systems

*GrapheneOS is the most de-Googled (secure and private) Android, but requires a Pixel phone. If you have a different phone, try these other Android operating systems. I have no experience with them, but they also attempt to be more secure/private than regular Android (which has a lot of Google spyware/bloat):

Privacy/security-conscious resources

Privacy/security education


Please do research when consulting and before using ProtonMail/VPN or Brave browser. There have been concerns regarding these tools that may or may not be of your concern.

This page is inspired by Tootbrute’s “Tech Life Overview” and Chris Were’s “recommended apps and websites."